Where “Chris Stands”


Life begins at conception and people are made in the image of God. God knows every person before He creates them in the womb. He has a plan for them and to kill that innocent life is murder. If you kill a pregnant woman in Texas you are charged with two counts of murder, yet it’s legal for the mother to pay a doctor to kill her baby. I will not support any bill that takes away God’s right to choose when an innocent life begins or ends. As a father of four children I have been in the room during four sonograms and I can tell you that hearing that rapid little heartbeat changes your heart and you know this is a gift from God. There is not a time, a circumstance or a reason to stop an innocent, defenseless human heart.

Traditional Values:

Marriage was created by God between a man and a woman. It’s sad that unelected federal judges have tried to redefine that. I will fight for Texas’ right to define what marriage is. The battle for the family has moved beyond marriage, and now has become a battle on gender. God made men and women. It is arrogant to accuse our creator of making a mistake. A person can no more change their gender by feeling different than they can add inches to their height by thinking about it. It is time our society stopped indulging these poor people and start addressing this as the mental health issue that it is.

Religious Liberty:

There is a reason why our founding fathers addressed religion in the first amendment. Let’s face it, state-sponsored religion has not ever worked well. In fact, the time the constitution was written in was not that long after many in Europe and even America had been tortured and killed over religious differences. It was with respect for people to be able to pray and worship when, where and how they chose, that this was written and I agree with these rights and the constitution at every level of our society.


The government does not create anything. In order for the government to give something to someone, it must take it from someone else. We need serious accountability for the public purse. Taxes are too high and accountability is too low. It is ridiculous that some government agencies are forced to use money they don’t need in order not to be defunded the next year. Overlapping agencies and jurisdictions are a waste of money and, as your legislator in Austin, I would focus on cutting back on expenses everywhere. One of the scariest things I can think of is when someone tells me the legislature is in session. I think, “what for?”. There is a tremendous taxpayer burden for every new law passed and then a bureaucracy created or enlarged to enforce this new law. We have far too many laws now and can lower taxes by repealing a good many.





I love teachers, I’ve been married to one for fourteen years. And I personally enjoy our quality public school system with my 4 daughters. That doesn’t mean we can’t hold teachers and the system accountable. I believe in strong teachers but I also believe in strong parents. Parents must be empowered to make more choices in their child’s education. The quality of the education a child receives affects the rest of their life and parents have right to decide what their children are taught. We need to stop teaching to a test, and focus on allowing children to learn.


I have friends from all walks of life and many of them come to my home and have dinner with my family. There is a door on my house and no one enters it that is not invited. We currently have a nightmare of uninvited people in our country. Most are good people who are seeking a better life, some are not. Understand; even if I don’t know you, if you knock on my door respectfully, I’ll probably let you in. Crossing our border illegally is tantamount to just walking in someone’s home. Government benefits for illegals is the same as them helping themselves to your possessions in your home. We have laws and processes and a system to insure that all sorts of people can come to America and contribute to the society here. This system also would keep criminals out and make sure that those who come here are willing to assimilate our culture.

2nd Amendment:

When I was five years old my dad bought me a single shot four-ten. It began a fascination with guns that I hold to this day. I believe that law abiding citizens have a right to carry a gun anywhere, anytime and for any reason. The second amendment is the most important, for without it the others would be useless. Our founders actually had in mind that the people should have the power over the government and not the other way around. The strong wording is used, “shall not be infringed”, because they had just taken up arms against an oppressive, tyrannical king. Thus, without guns in the hands of citizens, America would  not exist. Further, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

The Role of Government:

Government should provide us with roads, schools, protect the defenseless and protect our nation from outside influences. These things provide us with an incubator for commerce, the rest is up to us. We can pursue life, liberty, and happiness in our own fashion. Government should be small, not intrusive and serve those who are taxed for it. If ten commandments are good enough for God, then the government probably doesn’t need ten thousand pages.

Government Regulations:

As a builder I have seen costs and time multiply because of regulations that may have worked well at another place or another time but had no bearing on the circumstance of that particular project. Common sense tells us that bureaucrats need to stop trying to justify their existence by making business harder to do for their own self esteem. Let’s keep the rules basic and let buyers and sellers decide what they want and how they want it.