Chris Evans was raised in Erath County, where he has been a successful small business owner for the past two decades. Chris knows the value of hard work; he left school at age 15 to help in his family’s insulation business. But Chris also knows the value of an education; today, Chris holds a bachelor’s degree, with honors, from Texas A&M Texarkana. His early-learned work ethic was important in obtaining his degree, as he worked two jobs, at a cabinet shop and a grocery store, to pay his own way through college.

While a student, Chris met and married his wife Sonia, a first generation American who holds dual citizenship from the United States and Switzerland. Learning the life lesson that hard work really does pay off, he started his own construction business and returned to Erath County. He purchased the family insulation business, and his wife Sonia, who holds a master’s degree in Education, went to work teaching school at Bluff Dale ISD.

In January of 2006, Chris and Sonia purchased 74 acres in the Highland community near Dublin, where Chris built the family home himself. Since then, Chris and Sonia have added on to the farmhouse to make room for their growing family of four daughters, Heidi, Hannah, Rebekah, and Ruth.

When the economy faltered in 2008 and the home-building business suffered, Chris rolled up his sleeves and supplemented his family’s income by returning to work at a grocery store to make ends meet when times were roughest. Today, Chris still installs insulation, but, along with several other businesses, he owns Custom Cabinets of Stephenville and does contract work in the construction field. He also provides excavation services for funeral homes in the area.

Chris believes in a core set of principles: religious freedom, respect for country, a strong Second Amendment, small government, education, free market economics, and Christian values. He is the son of a Marine Corps veteran, and believes in the right to bear arms without stifling governmental overreach.

He believes that entering the country illegally is tantamount to entering a home illegally, and, although he is proud of his own ethnic heritage, he is an American first. As a son, nephew, and grandson of Christian ministers, Chris values the religious protections given to all Americans by the First Amendment, regardless of creed. As the husband of an education professional, he supports and participates in local school and parent organizations.  As an American who loves a country and small-town way of life, Chris supports a limited and small government that serves the people who pay the taxes for its upkeep.